August 8, 2004

News for Shoujocon 2003:

Shoujocon 2005 is cancelled

Angela Washington, the chair of Shoujocon, has posted in the Shoujocon forums that Shoujocon 2005 has been cancelled.

"Although we tried to use this past year to recover from the losses of Shoujocon 2003, the task proved to be impossible," says Washington. "Our active staff has dwindeled down to just a handful of people, our financial prospects have not been promising, and our parent organization has all but shut down operations."

Washington continued, "This news is even sadder as it comes at a time when shoujo anime and manga is making such a dramatic impact on the industry. We hope that despite our announcement, you will continue to support shoujo anime and manga as it comes out in the United States. We also hope to see you at other anime and manga events in the coming years."

It seems unlikely there will be any future Shoujocon conventions. The most recent Shoujocon was Shoujocon 2003 held in August of 2003 in Rye Brook, NY. Today's announcement comes exactly five months after the cancellation of Shoujocon 2004.