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Mick Foley Wrestler / Actor / Author
Justin Nimmo Actor
Jodie Whittaker Actor
Larry Niven Writer
Jerry Pournelle Writer / Tech Journalist
Steven Ahola Comic Artist / Writer / Director
Mostafa Moussa Comic Artist
Isaac Asimov Author
Lochlyn Munro Actor
Tracy Lynn Cruz Actor
Stephen Costantino Actor
David Acord Voice Actor / Sound Editor
Christina Ricci Actor
Shannon Elizabeth Actor
Tom Arnold Actor
Trina McGee Actor
William Daniels Actor
William Katt Actor
Joe Rubinstein Comic Artist
Sam Heughan Actor
Theo Rossi Actor
Carl Weathers Actor
Timothy Omundson Actor
Tara Reid Actor
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Mick Foley Wrestler / Actor / Author
Michael Copon Actor
Riki "Riddle" LeCotey Cosplayer
Jerry Pournelle Writer / Tech Journalist
Jamie Farr Actor
Cristina Valenzuela Actor
Lou Ferrigno Actor
E. Jason Liebrecht Voice Actor
Al Snow Wrestler
Elise Baughman Actor
Kenny James Voice Actor
John Cena Actor
Jekka Cormier Web Comic Creator / Podcast Host
Seraphic / The Chibi Project
Paola Lázaro Actor
Kenn Scott Actor
Jeff Burns Voice Actor
Tom Welling Actor
Bonnie Wright Actor
David Ramsey Actor
Jonathan Maberry Author
La Carmina Blogger / Designer / Author
137 Cosplay Cosplayer
Amelie Belcher Artist / Comic Creator
François Chau Actor
Kaye Cosplay Cosplayer
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