February 2, 2006

News for Otakon 2006:

Otakon clears up artists' alley rumors

From Jim Vowles, Convention Chairman, Otakon 2006

Otakon's chairman, Jim Vowles, has posted a notice on the Otakon web site to clear up rumors about their artists' alley. The post reads as follows:

About those Artist Alley rumors

Otakon is NOT implementing, nor has it ever seriously considered, a total ban on fan art. Our initial posting on the subject clearly confused some people, and for that we apologize. However, despite repeated and widespread attempts to clarify the direction our policy revisions are expected to take, the rumor we are banning fan art is still being spread.

For the record: Otakon is not banning fan art.

We are, however, tightening the rules.

Specific (and hopefully much clearer) guidance about what is allowed to be sold in Otakon's Artist Alley, and what is clearly not allowed, will be posted as soon as our legal experts are finished reviewing the policy. The vast majority of participants (attendees and artists alike) should have very little to complain about. The changes will allow us to address problems created by those who insist on pushing the limits of fair use, or who are blatantly exploiting copyrighted materials for profit. This not only benefits creators and owners of original work and properly licensed materials, it helps protect Otakon's ability to continue to encourage healthy fandom.

Until then, we respectfully request that responsible media and opinion-shapers assist us in putting the rumors to rest, and hold further questions on this matter until after the actual, final policy has been announced.