August 13, 2005

News for Otakon 2005:

Otakon pre-registration ends; limited number at the door

From Otakon

The following was posted on Otakon 2005's web site:

As of midnight Eastern time, pre-registration for Otakon 2005 is closed. We will be offering a LIMITED number at-door registrations for Otakon 2005. (Once we clean up the remaining data, we'll know the final number available.)

We expect that these will go quickly, and in the event we sell out completely, we WILL post that information to the website immediately.

If you haven't pre-registered, make sure you check the website before you come to the convention center, because once we've sold out, that's it. You'll be turned away.

We WILL NOT be able to issue more registrations. (The only exceptions will be for children under 8 accompanied by a registered adult, or people who've received a waiver from our pre-reg department due to complications with their registration.)

Even if you drove fifteen hours to get here, spending the last bit of your meagre earnings from selling all your worldly possessions, even if you did all that to satisfy the last dying wishes of your best friend who said "just go to Otakon before I die....", we simply cannot budge on this one.