April 26, 2017

News for Midwest Media Expo 2017:

Midwest Media Expo cancelled three days before event

by Patrick Delahanty, Executive Producer,

Midwest Media Expo cancelled three days before event Midwest Media Expo, a fan convention near Detroit, announced last night that their 2017 event has been cancelled. The convention was scheduled to start on Friday.

The announcement posted to their web site and social media was as follows:

We are coming to you with a very heavy heart to inform you that, due to circumstances beyond our control, the 2017 Midwest Media Expo has been cancelled. For the past year we have been working hard to bring you a very special event, and it pains us greatly to have to make such an announcement, especially this close to our event date. We understand how much this event meant to everyone, and we apologize for this happening so suddenly. At this time, we are making arrangements to assist those displaced by this turn of events and those affected should expect we will be sending off notifications immediately to go over available alternatives.

We will be making further statements as we are able to discuss things, but know that we are working with good people to help us in this dark hour. Thank you very much for your understanding.

Morgan Kollin
Chairman of the Midwest Media Expo

According to responses on the convention's Facebook group, the prevailing rumor is that the cancellation is a result of the hotel asking for additional money. It's not unusual for a first-year convention to be caught off guard by a venue's payment schedule, but this isn't the first event for Midwest Media Expo. Youmacon is run by the same group and has been around for over a decade, so there should be plenty of staff members experienced in working with facilities and venue contracts. This would have been the second Midwest Media Expo held at this venue.

The convention has responded to Facebook comments indicating that they plan to offer pre-registered attendees a full refund on the cost of their badges.

UPDATE - April 26 @ 8:34pm CDT: Midwest Media Expo has posted the following notice on their web site:

We would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support at this time and we have several announcements to make, and this is the first of them. Over the past day we have been in contact with various groups who have offered us opportunities that we are hoping to pursue. There will be more details as we are able to provide them.

Currently we understand that there are individuals who are very upset over the recent turn of events. However we implore everyone to cease any attacks towards the hotel. The outcome with the venue is far from what we were hoping for, and we are working to settle our differences. We still have something in store for this weekend, and will keep everyone posted.

This is the first official confirmation we have seen from the convention that it was indeed a hotel issue.

UPDATE - April 26 @ 8:40pm CDT: The convention's hotel, the Edward Hotel & Convention Center, has posted about the event on its site as well.

The Edward Hotel was surprised to learn just the other day as well, that this weekend's M2X event was being cancelled. Here's hoping the event organizer can work things out in the future and bring this exciting event back to Dearborn! We'll miss seeing everyone this weekend.

UPDATE - April 27 @ 2:44pm CDT: People have banded together to create Not Con 2017, a free "fan appreciation event" for those that had planned to attend Midwest Media Expo. It will be held at the Radisson Detroit-Farmington Hills which is about 18 miles north of Midwest Media Expo's former location. Jon St. John and David Eddings (both of whom are former Midwest Media Expo guests) will also be in attendance.