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December 10, 2004

News for OtakuCon Miami Beach 2004:

Appleseed advanced screening to take place at Otakucon

MIAMI BEACH, FL---Otakucon is pleased to be able to give a few lucky fans the chance to see Appleseed, the hit anime feature film going into US theatres in January of 2005.

The winners will be twenty-five in number, chosen in a raffle and entitled to bring one guest each. Only pre-registered attendees are eligible to participate. In the screening room, they'll be rubbing shoulders with Voice Over Artists (VOAs) and industry guests. Appleseed, based on the manga story by Masamune Shirow and directed by Shinji Aramaki is the first film to be produced under the new Geneon Films umbrella. It is a sci-fi adventure yarn set in the year 2131, and it chronicles the battle between mankind and bioroids in a time after most of the world has been devastated by war. Appleseed introduces a race of cybernetic pseudo-clones designed to aid humans in domestic capacities, but when ideologies flare and aggression rises to the surface, the thin veneer of peaceful coexistence is shattered.

Geneon, a division of the Japanese giant Dentsu, is a new company that will specialize in the production (and worldwide distribution) of Japanese and Asian live action and animated features.

Appleseed, features groundbreaking animation style "3D Live Anime", a combination of three dimensional computer animation with two-dimensional character animation.

The animation techniques are unlike any ever employed for an anime film.

For more information about this advanced screening of Appleseed or about Otakucon/Kunicon contact Manny Camacho at [email protected] or at 305-398-4693 ext. 172 or contact Alejandra Arango, public relations officer at [email protected] or 305-398-4693 ext. 675.