Press Releases

December 10, 2004

News for OtakuCon Miami Beach 2004:

Otakucon schedule announced

Fountainebleau Hilton Resort hosts hundreds of fans in weekend event

MIAMI BEACH, FL--- For the first time ever, Otakucon is coming to the City of Miami Beach. Otakucon will take place at The Fontainebleau Hilton Resort, where the doors will open at 3PM on Friday, the 17th of December. The opening ceremonies are scheduled for 6PM on the same day.

The event will continue, nonstop, until 6PM on Sunday the 19th, draw anime, gaming and music fans from all over the country and offer thousands of dollars in prizes..

And it won't stop there. Kunicons ( as all future events are to be called ) will soon be taking place across the United States. St. Louis is the next city on the agenda, with the event kicking off on the 4th of March, 2005.

Atendees will enjoy gaming competitions, "cosplay" contests (anime character skits), panels, live music concerts, advanced anime movie screenings and even a special performance by the traditional Japanese Taiko drumming ensemble, Fushi Daiko.

Taiko drumming is an ancient Japanese tradition going back more than 2,600 years. Traditionally, it was a temple rite, but later the generals of the Shogun brought it to their battlefields.

Otakucon Miami Beach 2004 is already breaking records for events of this kind. More than 1000 people have pre-registered and more than 4000 are expected to attend, making it the biggest event of its kind ever to be held in south Florida.

For more information about Otakucon/ Kunicon please contact Manny Camacho at [email protected] or at 305- 398-4693 ext. 172 or contact Alejandra Arango, public relations officer at [email protected] or 305-398-4693 ext. 675.