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October 7, 2008

News for Zenkaikon 2008:

Zenkaikon 2008 announces new and updated guests

VALLEY FORGE, PA - Zenkaikon 2008 is pleased to announce and update guests for its 2008 show and announce Friday programming ; new guest IkuZo! Studios, updated guest Le-aK†'z ISORA, and a variety of special events on Friday, October 17 involving workshops, gaming, and other guests of honor.

About IkuZo! Studios:

Philadelphia's own IkuZo! Studios is responsible for bringing us Fighter's High, a martial arts/comedy/live-action anime series. This series is created and co-written by Christopher A. Ryons and co-written by Kevin Siter SFX/Digital FX by James Panetta with fight choreography by Joey Min of Team Fist Styles

Remember those high school days? You know, the clubs, the dances, the teachers, the games, making new friends, possibly making some enemies, then facing those enemies in hand-to-hand combat anywhere, anytime during school hours, either in a preliminary bout or as part of a school-wide Martial-Arts Tournament called The E.C.B.-Extra Curricular Battles? We didn't think so...

Welcome to J.D. Oliver Academy, AKA "Fighter's High" where clubs reign supreme! This school has a long standing tradition of producing the greatest fighters the world has ever seen. This year a transfer student, Adam Kane enters "Fighter's High". With no idea why he's there in the first place, Adam is quickly submerged in the most surreal school experience ever!

IkuZo! Studios is looking forward to premiering their works at Zenkaikon 2008! In the meantime you can check out their Myspace: and Youtube Channel

About Le-aK†'z ISORA :
Due to unforeseen circumstances, Le-aK†'z ISORA will not be performing at Zenkaikon 2008. We wish them all the best and hope to see them in a future year.

About Zenkaikon 2008 Friday Night Special Programming:
Zenkaikon 2008 is pleased to announce a variety of special events on Friday, October 17 including workshops, gaming, and guests of honor.

About Video Gaming Events at Zenkaikon 2008
Zenkaikon 2008 is pleased to announce our Video Game Room sponsor, Desktop Arcade (, and a Gaming Triathlon for Friday evening, October 17, 2008.

We've teamed up with Desktop Arcade to bring you more equipment, more tournaments, and more space so you can have more fun! Look forward to Rhythm Alley, with Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and the staple Bemani games with Desktop Arcade's premium controllers.

The Triathlon- Friday Evening
A truly great gamer is well-rounded. Each tier of this tournament puts the competitors in a completely different game. The gaming triathlon will be held in the main events room on stage and on the big screen! This year we feature Guitar Hero Faceoff, Halo SWAT and Wii Bowling

That's not all! We'll also have a Rock Band II Battle of the Bands tournament and a Super Smash Brothers Brawl tournament in the main events room on Saturday, October 18 and many other tournaments on Friday and Saturday in the gaming room itself including Halo 3, Smash Bros Brawl Teams,Pokemon Battle Revolution (BYODS), Soul Calibur 4, Guilty Gear, Marvel vs Capcom 2,Mario Kart Wii, Dance Dance Revolution, Naruto Gekitou Ninja Taisen...and more!!

About Other Friday Night Special Programming
Zenkaikon 2008 is pleased to announce a variety of other special programming for Friday, October 17 including the following:

Concerts/Music: Slants Concert, Free Karaoke, Rave with Gaijin of the Slants, Samba de Amigo Dance Party, Formal Cosplay Ball

Autographs: Slants Meet and Greet

Workshop/Other: Writers Workshop with C.J. Henderson, Batman/Anime PJ Party, Asian Gaming with SOS Anime Club, Are you a Werewolf? RPG

About Zenkaikon:
Zenkaikon was formed by the merger of the anime and sci-fi con Zentrancon, and the anime con, Kosaikon, both in the Philadelphia area. In 2006 they put on their first event which was a tremendous success. Zenkaikon will return to the Valley Forge Scanticon Conference Center for its third installment on 10/17-10/18/08. The con will kick off its expansion to two days of programming on the evening of Friday, October 17 with concerts, a Cosplay Ball, gaming and other special events. A full day of convention action will follow on Saturday, October 18 with video screenings, concerts, gaming, cosplay masquerade, the new Zenkaikon favorites - the anime version of "Whose Line Is It Anyway" and The Cosplay Dating Game, and so much more!

Pre-registration for Zenkaikon 2008 is up and running until October 4, 2008! Go to to pre-register online.

Zenkaikon 2008 Membership
By October 4, 2008: Friday $15.00, Saturday $20.00, Two Day $30.00
At Door: Friday $15.00, Saturday $20.00, Two Day $30.00
Two Day Group rates also available

Hurry and reserve your place at Zenkaikon 2008 today!