Press Releases

June 1, 2004

News for Anime Sound & Vision 2004:

Anime Sound & Vision presents "unique anime event"

New event to promote Japanese culture readies for 2004 launch

Chicago, IL - Different from a run-of-the-mill convention, Anime Sound & Vision is a true "event" with the purpose of promoting Japanese culture through the use of Japanese actors, martial artists, live Japanese "wadaiko" (drum) music, cosplay, anime industry experts, and more! "Having lived in Japan for eight years and visited many conventions in both the US and Japan, I've come to realize that just sitting around watching anime leaves the average fan unsatisfied," says Joe Palermo, one of the co-founders of Anime Sound & Vision. "The worldwide popularity of anime has created a hunger for knowledge of the Japanese culture and lifestyle. We are striving to begin filling that void with this event."

Anime Sound & Vision has already confirmed some major talent in producer Hiroaki Inoue and martial artist group Kamui as its first two guests of 2004.

Hiroaki Inoue has been in the anime business for over 25 years and is a producer at AIC Studios in Japan. He is also one of the co-founders of Gainax (Evangelion). Among his many production credits are AD Police, Armitage III (OAV), Blue Gender, Bubblegum Crisis, Macross II, and Moldiver, amongst many more.

Kamui is an acting group of sword-fighting specialists founded 4 years ago. They have most recently been featured in the movie Kill Bill and have done the sword fighting choreography and teaching for that movie as well. Tetsuro Shimaguchi, Hiroaki Kawaguchi and Takashi Fukuda from Kamui will be performing at Anime Sound & Vision. They do a traditional martial arts show with a collaboration of modern arts and new music. In their words, they are "trying to keep the original spirit of Japanese swordmanship alive, and want to preserve this ancient and specialist type of swordplay as a Japanese art form, which can be shown all over the world."

Anime Sound & Vision will be held at the Holiday Inn - O'Hare in Rosemont, IL on Nov. 19 & 20.