Press Releases

September 11, 2008

News for Kitacon 2009:

UK-based Kitacon announces voting for Fan Choice Awards

KITACON, a brand new UK Anime convention, is proud to announce their all-new Fan Choice Awards - an award ceremony purely about the fans opinions.

A new innovation in both UK conventions and events, KITACON and the Fan Choice Awards puts the power in the hands of the fans. The Fan Choice Awards enable con-goers to nominate, vote and even collect awards for their favourite characters, anime, manga and much more. Nominations are open at, and even those not attending can vote. The Awards will be presented at a glamorous red carpet event at the closing ceremony, complete with paparazzi and hordes of screaming Otaku!

KITACON is a newly established UK convention running in Northampton in Spring 2009. KITACON aims to make anime conventions more interactive for fans, with innovative events such as the Fan Choice awards, Build a Mecha, the J-Factor and much much more. For the traditional events, the bar has been raised, such as 24 hour Video Rooms and the inclusion of live acts at evening events. KITACON is committed to pushing the boundaries of anime conventions.