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July 26, 2008

News for TriCounty JaniCon 2008:

JaniCon announces guests and several events

JULY 26, 2008 (JACKSONVILLE, FL) - With four months until JaniCon 2008: Phoenix Down, it's time to unveil many of the guests and events you will be seeing at Jacksonville's Premiere Anime and Gaming Convention!

- JaniCon will be pulling out all the stops this year with not one, not two, but THREE raves. Thursday night, DJ McCloud will bring you the best in video game remixes and digital tunes at Limit Break. Friday night, dance the night away with your favorite J-pop-, DDR-, and Para Para-inspired tunes at Sugar Beat. Finally, Saturday night will bring with it the ultimate in electronic experiences: Hikari - Night of Glow. With DJ Christian Lee at the booth, the night will be a continuous rush of electronic mixes from all over the board that's sure to leave you breathless.

- Last year, time was split open to bring some of history's greatest villains crashing down upon JaniCon. This year, however, we will be diving into an entirely different world. A world where demons long-thought-dead arise amidst chaos. A world where heroes from different lands will cross blades. A world where the line between good and evil is quickly fading.

From Midgar to Balamb Gardens, Zanarkand and back, JaniCon 2008 is proud to present FINAL FANTASY: PATHWAYS, a live experience unlike anything you've ever seen.

- We are proud to announce that Sophie McNutt, Director of Operation Anime, will be representing FUNIMATION Entertainment at JaniCon 2008. Ms. McNutt will be hosting various panels to discuss a wide array topics such as the current state of the anime industry, upcoming titles, running local anime clubs, and more!

- The talented Rose Thompson will be bringing her captivating fusion of belly dancing and fandom, Raqs Attaq, to JaniCon 2008.

Ms. Thompson will combine entrancing dances to some familiar tunes with belly dancing lessons and information on the ancient art. This is one event you cannot miss.

- Attention all dungeon explorers and dragon slayers: On-the-Lamb will be premiering their flagship table-top epic, Legendary Realms, at JaniCon 2008. Using five interchangeable modules and an innovative class-less system, JaniCon will be your first chance to play this anticipated RPG.

- And finally, big news on the registration front: Anyone who books a room for at least two nights for JaniCon '08: Phoenix Down will receive a FREE WEEKEND PASS to the convention. That's right: Book the hotel room and you won't have to worry about a ticket! More information can be found here at Combine this with the fact that reserving a room grants you exclusive access to several events, including the Limit Break rave, a concert, panels, as well as early access to the gaming and dealer's room, and you have one of the best deals available.

For more information, including registration, guests, events, and more, visit WWW.JANICON.ORG.

JaniCon is a yearly event held in Jacksonville, FL. JaniCon 2008 is being held at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville on November 20 - 23, 2008. Hotel rooms at JaniCon are $128 a night. Pre-Registration is open until October 31, 2008 and tickets are on sale for $30. Tickets are available at the door at the rates of $35 for the weekend or $15 a day. Tickets are also available at our off-line locations listed on the Registration page.