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February 16, 2008

News for TriCounty JaniCon 2008:

JaniCon announces 2008 convention and first guests


It's now three months after Jacksonville's first anime and gaming convention became a reality, and it's time to unveil our plans for 2008. We give you JANICON 2008: PHOENIX DOWN at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville, November 21-23. Our theme will encompass that timeless RPG game franchise that's spawned countless titles over two decades. Who knows, between the summons and overdrives, you may just run into everyone's favorite megalomaniacal clown...

Launching off last year's success, JaniCon will be growing to fill a newer, bigger hotel right next to last year's location. Of course, JaniCon will be sporting the solid events we built last year upon, including Cosplay, Costume, and AMV contests, several dances, concerts, an intricate gaming room with tournaments for the newest titles, and headline guests.

Joining us again will be anime veteran and webcomic guru, Steve Bennett, and esteemed comic author and yaoi artist, Amelie Belcher. Meanwhile, J*Scape will be rocking anime themes and JRock tunes for our attendees.

This year, we're proud to announce that JaniCon '08 will be a four-day event! That is, for those who get rooms at the Hyatt for the convention, you'll get access to special JaniCon events on Thursday. These events include special costume contests, a late-night dance, an art contest, and other great activities to get JaniCon kick-started. For more information, be sure to check out the Location section of our website.

That's all for now, but don't think that's all we've got for you guys. There are still nine solid months for us to show what we've got up our sleeves, so make sure to stick around for the latest on Jacksonville's premiere anime convention at!