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May 18, 2004

News for JapanTown Anime Faire 2004:

JTAF2 announces second round of guests


SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 18, 2004) - San Francisco-based productions company, Project 760 Productions and the Japantown Merchants Association are proud to announce the following Guests of Honor attending Japantown Anime Faire 2 (JTAF2): artist/writer Michael Poe and voice actor J Shannon Weaver.

Michael Poe is the creator and artist/writer of popular Web comic "Exploitation Now" ( and "Errant Story" ( In 2003, Michael Poe, one of the well-known American-based Web comic artist influenced by Japanese anime and manga-style released the entire run of "Exploitation Now" as a hard-cover book titled "Exploitation Now: Selling Out For Fun and Profit" published by Keenspot Entertainment ( Upon the completion of his work on "Exploitation Now", Poe is currently working on the Web comic "Errant Story" which continues to receive rave reviews from fans.

J Shannon Weaver is the voice actor for numerous anime projects such as Samurai X, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Soul Hunter and Devil Lady.

Additional information on JTAF2, including event details, registration and hotel information can be found on the JTAF2 website. Please visit for the latest updates or contact Project 760 Productions at [email protected] or telephone 415.505.9878.


About Project 760 Productions
Project 760 Productions is a San Francisco-based independent television production company, which produces television programs for community access stations. Created in 1997, its purposes are to inform, educate and entertain audiences on a variety of topics, catering to various age groups.

Project 760 Productions produces "World of Anime", a Japanese animation (anime) fandom television magazine that focuses on news and reviews related to the anime industry. World of Anime was cablecast through California public access stations in Antioch, Pittsburg, Bay Point, Mountain View, San Mateo County, San Francisco as well as parts of Arkansas and Ohio.

About Japantown Merchant's Association
The Japantown Merchants Association's specific and primary purpose is to provide a united and organized effort by all member merchants to advertise, promote and publicize Japantown for the mutual benefit of all members and for Japantown as a whole.

Event Contact Information
Project 760 Productions:
- Ray Nagar, 415.505.9878, [email protected]
- Michael D. Garcia, [email protected]