Press Releases

September 29, 2011

Eien Strife to perform in concert at Ultima Con

"Adventure Rock Band" Eien Strife will be performing at Ultimacon 2012 in New Orleans. The group will be bringing the new chapter of their show entitled "Full Speed Ahead" to life for those in attendance on Memorial Day weekend. Throughout the past year, the band has been traveling across the United States while adding more and more energy and stunts to their show. The first performance of this chapter can be seen in November at AnimeUSA in Arlington, Virginia. With 2012 rapidly approaching, they are booking more dates to share their adventure with convention audiences all over the globe.

To get a glimpse of their previous performances or information on bookings, please see these links

Website -
Youtube -

Currently the group is recording new songs for their upcoming chapter. Clips from their previous show "The Adventure Begins..." can be heard from their website and facebook page. Both of these concerts focus on the story of Ternia, a mystic forest world that is unknowingly facing its extinction. The members of the group- Cheydra, Raien, Lyren, and Kale have come together to save their home in the effort known as Eien Strife.