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September 20, 2011

News for Anime NebrasKon 2011:

Anime NebrasKon announces two more guests

OMAHA, NE- September 19, 2011 Anime NebrasKon is excited to announce two more confirmed guests for 2011, Stephanie Young and David Brehm.

Stephanie Young is a voice actress working with Funimation. She voices Clare in Claymore, Nico Robin in One Piece, Junko in Desert Punk, Elfriede in Moonphase, Sophia in Aquarion, Kagero in Basilisk, Oruha in Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Yahagi in Mushi-shi, Mana in Negima, Dr. Kozuki in Rumbling Hearts, Itoko Osakabe in School Rumble, Mireille in Trinity Blood, Aki Abe in Hell Girl, Reika Tachibana in Balder Force Exe Resolution, Xavier Tatum in Shuffle, Mrs. Tomita in Kodocha, Hanahana in XXXholic, and Shika in Samurai 7. Stephanie can also be heard singing theme songs for Dragon Ball GT, Negima, and Tsubasa.

David Brehm is the President, Co-Founder, and Creative Director for Blue Logic LLC, a digital production company. It produces online and theatrical media properties.David's 2D and 3D animator credits include several major film and TV properties such as Jimmy Neutron, Olive The Other Reindeer, The Ant Bully, and BOZ. He has also worked as a cinematographer, scriptwriter, done effects and scoring. Throughout the country David and his voice actor wife (Stephanie Young Brehm) regularly perform their original music as the songwriting duo THE BREHMS, and on occasion perform with their full 6 piece band.

David Brehm and Stephanie Young join Chris Sabat, Keith Silverstein, Matt Greenfield, and Tiffany Grant for Anime NebrasKon 2011.

Anime NebrasKon is November 4-6th at the Ramada Plaza Omaha Hotel & Convention Center. Preregistration is $37 and At Door Registration is $45. One day badges are available at the con. For more information about Anime NebrasKon, please visit