Press Releases

March 1, 2010

News for Anime Overload 2010:

Anime Overload changes its dates from June to August

Austin, Texas, August 6th - 8th, 2010 - Anime Overload will be changing its dates from June 25th and 26th, 2010 to AUGUST 6TH - 8TH, 2010 at the "North Austin Events Center" (formerly "The Crockett Center")!

The board of directors originally felt the June dates were rather inconvenient being so close to fellow Anime Conventions. Once other dates became available, the board of directors saw an opportunity. Moving to August keeps Anime Overload in the summer, and is just an all around beneficial change for everyone involved.

Content on has been changed accordingly, and date changes will not affect the cost of registration, pre-convention, or otherwise.

Your Pre-Registration is still good if you've already done so, and if there is an issue with the new dates, please email [email protected]

You can purchase a weekend membership for Anime Overload in advance (on the website) for $20.

ABOUT ANIME OVERLOAD - Anime Overload is a Japanese Animation, and Pop-Culture Festival held in Austin, Texas. Each and every person that is involved is more then just staff, they're fans. They are proud to be able to bring together the most amazing anime and pop-culture fans and guests to enjoy our events, panels and workshops.

"This is what we love, and we do it for the fans, community, and industry".