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My name is Brianna, but I prefer Bri for the most part! I really love to write and do other creative things like that. I am a singer and an artist, though neither of those are very good. I am also learning three different instruments (piano, violin, and guitar) but I’m at a beginner level for all of those. I also sew, but that it mostly for when I am bored and an idea has popped into my head!

I really love anime and Japanese culture. I am a beginner in Japanese as well, so I don’t know too much. I do not consider myself a weeaboo though, as I do not want to try to be Japanese nor do I have any plans of moving to Japan.

Some random facts about me are that I like to play video games but I am ridiculously picky and impatient. My games system of choice is the PS2. I am a ISTJ, bordering between I and E, even though I’m naturally more I. I am a cisgendered demisexual lesbian that is taken. My birthday is October 15th, I’m a Libra, and I’m 18 years old.


Hot Springs, Arkansas


Assistant Photographer

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Cosplaying, singing, sewing, drawing, writing, roleplayer

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