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Toronto, ON, Canada

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Kenzumii is a highly talented and spirited cosplayer hailing from the vibrant city of Toronto. With an unwavering passion for video games, anime, and fantasy, Kenzumii draws inspiration from these realms to create captivating and immersive cosplay experiences.

What sets Kenzumii apart is her relentless pursuit of creativity and attention to detail. She takes great delight in elevating her designs through the inclusion of unique embellishments, such as intricate beadwork and cutting-edge electronics. Her commitment to craftsmanship goes hand in hand with her advocacy for sustainable cosplay practices, as she actively promotes the reduction of waste and imparts valuable lessons on ecological sustainability within the cosplay community.

While Kenzumii excels in armor and wig making, her expertise extends far beyond these realms. She possesses a broad range of craftsmanship skills and continuously expands her knowledge base. Her dedication and skill have earned her numerous awards, both for her exemplary craftsmanship and captivating performances.

Kenzumii's talent and passion have also propelled her onto the global stage. She has fearlessly competed in prestigious international competitions, including the renowned Masters of Cosplay and Cosplay Central Crown Championships, where her talent shines through, leaving audiences in awe.

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