Hiromitsu Iijima Information

Hiromitsu Iijima

Music Producer
Irma La Douce


Hiromitsu Iijima is a music producer and director of music production company, IRMA LA DOUCE. He is responsible for a wide range of music produced for anime, commercials, TV dramas, artists and more. IRMA LA DOUCE started under the music production of Italian record label IRMA records SRL in 2014.

He worked on Crunchyroll Anime Award 2017 Best Score winner Made in Abyss alongside Kevin Penkin. Furthermore, Iijima has been the music producer for other reputed works including Yuyushiki, Under the Dog, Norn9, The Rising of the Shield Hero, and many more over various genres. His team has recorded all over the world including Vancouver, Macedonia, Rome, Vienna, and Boston. The team has also built partnerships and collaborated with many famous composers around the world including Kevin Penkin (Australia), Sakai Asuka (Japan), PAPIK (Italy), and more.

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