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Trae Dorn

Trae Dorn

Web Comic Artist / Podcaster
Nerd & Tie
Eau Claire, WI

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Trae Dorn is the mind behind the (very different) webcomics UnCONventional ( and The Chronicles of Crosarth ( The Chronicles of Crosarth is an epic story of steampunk adventure, where the fate of the world may lay in the hands of the crew of the airship HMS Hummingbird. On the other hand, UnCONventional is the story of a small, Midwestern fandom convention, and the only thing at risk is the staff's sanity as they try to plan each year's event.

Trae also runs Nerd & Tie (, which covers in-depth stories on convention news, and they host a number of podcasts, including The Nerd & Tie Podcast (which covers convention and geek culture stories), Stormwood & Associates (an RPG actual play podcast), and BS-Free Witchcraft (covering the modern witchcraft movement).

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