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Frank Ippolito

Special Effects Makeup Artist
Burbank, CA

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Creating his own Halloween masks at the age of 10, Frank Ippolito was always a lover of monster movies and special fx makeup. Frank has now enjoyed more than 13 successful years in the industry, working on notable films like Pirates of the Carribean 2&3, and has appeared as a two-time competitor on Syfy's hit show Face Off. Last year, Adam Savage tapped Frank to help create his amazing Admiral Ackbar cosplay for his incognito entrance to Comic-Con and is continuing to work with him and the team to debut an animatronic Zoidberg project (Futurama). Most recently, under Michelle Burke's direction, Frank has been aplying Val Kilmer's Mark Twain makeup on his one-man show, 'Citizen Twain'. Frank owns his own shop in Burbank where he continues to work on multiple fx jobs as well as personal projects for his film company, Ghost Works LLC. He continues to be a contributing columnist for both Makeup Artist Magazine and

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