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Soni Aralynn

Philadelphia, PA

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Soni Aralynn is a recognized international cosplayer, model, and aspiring actress that debuted her love for costume making at Otakon 2003.
This talented native of Philadelphia has since traveled to conventions and events all over, hosting educational cosplay workshops, judging costume contests, hosting panels, having stimulating booths, and spreading a positive message and image to the cosplay community and its fans.

Her abundance of handmade, detailed, intricate costumes that she has poured herself into for the last decade have been inspired by her passion for videogames, comics, movies, toy collecting, and the Power Rangers.

Soni is most recognized for her portrayal of The Green Ranger, Huntress, and Star Sapphire. She has been acknowledged in the media by The Nerdist, Cosplay In America, DC Comics, Cosmode, Marvel and many more!

Each time Soni begins a new cosplay project she dedicates all her attention into bringing life to the characters with precision, conviction, and professionalism. She inspires to continue a career in acting and being involved in such an amazing and creative community.

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23 confirmed guest appearances

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