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I began my cosplaying adventures in 2009 when my friend showed me the wonderful sparkly world of cosplay and conventions.
My first cosplay contest was in 2010 a few weeks after my mother had passed. I entered as a beginner and in the end was so happy to have won 1st in the intermediate category! My mother would have been so proud. That is when I decided to take it further.

I've had so much fun advancing my skills and learning different techniques. The best part is making new friends, sharing ideas and techniques, exploring new possibilities and taking daring adventures into the sewing world. I've been a theater kid all my life and also got to be part of costuming but jumping into cosplay is a whole new world and one I have very much enjoyed!

Cosplay has been a part of my life constantly since 2009. Even so, I got to take part in Oishii! Project, an International Idol group, for 2 years. I continued doing Jpop and Kpop dance covers myself and with friends and moved a bunch, which has helped me gain many friends across Colorado. One of those friends I've recently begun a business with as JemaFae Creations and we're just recently starting off. So, hopefully it all goes well.

I will always have such joy when sewing and I enjoy seeing the hard work others put into their own cosplays. Never give it up!

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