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Jennifer Van Damsel

Jennifer Van Damsel

Houston, TX

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Jennifer Van Damsel is a cosplayer and streamer from Houston, Texas. She is completely self taught at sewing and has been cosplaying for about 3 years and makes costumes from just about every genre - comics, video games, TV shows, anime, but she mostly enjoys making up her own designs for gender bend and alternate reality characters . Her hardest cosplay she has made so far is Princess Peach and her favorite one is Road Warrior/The Punisher cross over that she designed herself. She also streams on Twitch a few times a week, playing games like League of Legends, Dying Light, World of Warcraft, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Dead Space, and funny games too. The loves of her life are her two giant dogs - Moose, the great dane mix, and Guinness, the mastiff mix.

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