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MeteoroiD was formed originally in 2013 under the name METEOROID and consisted of vocalist Genki, guitarists Yutori and Machi, bassist raL, and drummer Tomoya. In February of that year METEOROID released their first single, "Diver." With the release of this single, they quickly caught attention in the visual kei scene with their unique look and sound combined with their eclectic and vibrant personalities mixed together on stage. On the 6th of August they released their first full album, "GEMINI." However, in September of 2014 guitarist Yutori left the band.

Following Yutori's departure, METEOROID officially became MeteoroiD and embraced not only a significantly darker image but took on a heavier sound as well. In November of 2014, MeteoroiD welcomed their newest member and guitarist Mikado to the band. Completely reborn as "MeteoroiD," they released their first single "Sokubaku" in January of 2015.

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