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Taishi Yamabe

Taishi Yamabe

Taiko Drummer

Taishi Yamabe, born in 1988 in Kurashiki City of the Okayama prefecture, has been performing the Taiko since he was three years old. At age six, he became a member of a local Taiko group, "Kurashiki Tenryou Taiko", and performed on stage for his first time.

In 2004, Mr. Yamabe participated in the Tokyo International Japanese Taiko contest held by and left with a gold prize as the youngest champion. Since then, people have been noticing him as a young genius. With his outstanding sense of rhythm and skilled drum techniques, Mr. Yamabe is able to express music at will. His original form of playing the Taiko is a technique that he has developed by repeating powerful performances day after day.

Currently, Mr. Yamabe performs not only in Japan but in foreign countries, has founded the Taiko group "Yamabe Taishi and Tenryou Taiko 'Ittou' ", composes music, and actively performs together with other music genres.

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