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DJ Rob Reeves

DJ Rob Reeves

Disc Jockey
Kansas City, MO


From the depths of Kansas City comes a crazy man who can only be known as DJ Rob Reeves. Accidentally created in a lab in early 2004, scientists came to the conclusion that they "couldn't figure this one out." Once he escaped the lab, Reeves set out on a mission - a mission to perform for the masses, and create a musical experience that could connect to people in a way that rinses the impurities of life from one's soul.

Using his skills, an open-format mind, and various mixing tactics, he selects only the best tracks from almost all EDM genres and "freestyle" mixes them with ease. "Nothing is ever planned. The crowd is my guide," Reeves says.

This science experiment gone wrong has found himself a new home performing at various conventions across the Midwest, including Naka-Kon 2014, Anime Festival Wichita 10, and Ahn-Con. DJ Rob Reeves aims to bring more than music to the floor; he aims to bring an experience you may never forget, and one you will definitely want more of.

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