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Hello! I'm Larina cosplay! I've been cosplaying since the year of 2007, I'm very passionate about the arts; growing up my uncle got me into gaming and it all started from there! I went through some rough medical issues as a child and around middle school a friend got me into anime; which ended up leading to a whole new world of possibilities for me, I've been drawing, painting, singing, and performing as long as I can remember, before I even knew about anime, I loved cartoons and Disney. My teachers and parents always knew I'd grow up to do so much with art, I wanted to go to school originally for animation and ended up going in a different path. In high school I was always in art, band, choir, sewing classes, and home economics.

Discovering cosplay has been one of life's best gifts; rewarding and challenging! I strive to create accuracy and quality to represent the characters I cosplay. Cosplay has always been about love for a series, character, and most importantly FUN! It's about expressing yourself and bringing the characters you love and adore to life! I love conventions because I love getting to meet other people who love what I love! and also about the experience and the community of all the wonderful people you meet! and sharing that with those other people. it's so important to do what you love and are passionate about in life.

Outside of cosplaying, I enjoy anime, gaming, collecting things, traveling, animals, drawing, singing, acting, theater, photography, guitar, music, being outdoors, and swimming. I'm a strong believer in having fun and living life as much as you can type a girl, I'm super outgoing and I love meeting new people and hanging out with friends, I am very easy going, so if you see me around please come approach me, I'd love to meet you!

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