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Whitney Rodgers

Whitney Rodgers

Voice Actress
Denton, TX

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Whitney Rodgers loves to laugh and will bend over backwards to make others laugh. Literally! She likes Watching Cartoons and anime such as Adventure Time, Darkwing Duck, Full Metal Alchemist and Hetalia. She collects crosses and loves to read, draw, write short stories and is getting into rock climbing. She feels her life would be utterly complete if she one day got to sing and dance with Dick Van Dyke. She also drinks way too much cream soda and loves to take care of flowers and pet cats despite the fact she is allergic. She enjoys classic cars and loves Sunflowers. She is addicted to Youtube and My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She has recorded in Deadman Wonderland, A Certian Magical Index, as well as other unannounced shows. She has just appeared in her first TV commercial for Exede internet.

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