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Ending The Vicious Cycle

Ending The Vicious Cycle

Fort Worth, TX

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EVC (Ending The Vicious Cycle) is a Post-Punk / Gothic-influenced band formed in 2009 by Toby Rider, a veteran of the 1980s Los Angeles music scene. Based in Fort Worth, Texas. EVC consists of Toby Rider (vocals, guitars, keys), Johnny B. (guitars, keys), Bill Hammon (bass) and Chris Rayburne (drums, percussion).

Toby's introspective lyrics reflect themes of strife and questioning, spurred by the challenges of growing up half-Taiwanese and struggling to find acceptance between American and Asian cultures.

EVC's sound is characterized by a mix of throbbing bass, melodic guitar lines and classic 80s synth sounds, which come together to create a dark, brooding, lyrical sound. They also take some dark glam rock cues from pioneers like David Bowie, and a hint of style
and flavor from modern Jrock bands such as Buck Tick and Malice Mizer (with striking Victorian and Gothic influenced stage wear).In addition, they have been compared to Bauhaus, Peter Murphy and Joy Division due to the tone of Toby's voice, introspective lyrics, and layering of musical elements from many cultures and musical styles.

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