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Lisa Corrao

Comedian / Actor
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Stand Up Comedian and Actress. Cute, funny, JERK. Ever since kindergarten, Lisa Corrao has wanted to make fun of stuff professionally. Now, all grown up and having left her lucrative career as a public school teacher, Lisa travels the country doing stand-up, fighting the stupidity of the world with laughter under the cover of night like a lame superhero. Recently, Lisa has performed in Comedy Central's South Beach Comedy Festival and Boston's Women in Comedy Festival. She is the founder of The Revenge of the Nerds Comedy Show and hosts her own comedy radio talk show The Jerk Show. She also writes, acts, does voiceover, produces shows, and is the spokesperson in several commercials. . . plus she enjoys long walks on the beach, but to be fair, who doesn't. Lisa is a tiny Italian girl orignally from New York. So, naturally, she has repressed rage and an innate Napoleon complex that makes her want to take on the world in a big way. Lisa's love of stand-up came at an early age, as her father would let her stay up late to watch the comedians on Carson and Letterman. Luckily, being a night-owl is also perfect for this profession. Score 2 for Dad's bad parenting! She grew up slightly misunderstood, as the nerdy book-worm who loved to write funny stories. By high school, while other girls were keeping diaries about boys, Lisa began writing jokes in a notebook. Boys generally ignored her anyway since she was a huge dork. Lisa will be performing at Animate! Miami with her group, Revenge of the Nerd Comics, a collection of professional comedians and dorks... just like Lisa!

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