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Hello! My name is SuWan, I am a cosplayer of now 5 years and still going. I am an active gamer and artist, I have been attending conventions for as well 5 years in Texas. Being a close to local Houstonian, I take pride in my state but am now slowly branching out to other state cons. My passion for cosplay started as a child when my mother and I made costumes together for Halloween, and since then it has only continued to grow. To me, cosplay is seen as a form of appreciation for a character I can best relate to; or I just really love the outfit and wish to show my dedication and admiration for said characters through my cosplay. Aside from costuming, my inner nerd for games cried out for inspiration with the help of my sister and friend to make a reality web series about Resident Evil called, Resident Evil: Residential Files. But it did not stop there, being daring and taking chances my cosplay was recognized by Spike TV. My fandom for the video game series called Uncharted gave me the chance to be on a TV special for fans of the series to experience before the games big release. I never thought cosplay would take me so far in life! I have been blessed to receive awards in contests and even at times a Best in Show, however I view my biggest award being the smiling and awed expressions of others whom enjoy my work or just even the same character they find a liking towards. However, if someone were to ask me, which one of my costumes is my favorite. I would not be able to answer that question so simply, because each have a endearing memory and experience I could not single out for another. In the end, I perceive cosplay as making a physical memory and admiration to experience and partake in with each wear, and only more to look forwards to. With all the amazing chances and experiences given to me through cosplay, I know not only I, but anyone else in this world can live a life like no other with a will and desire to make creativity a reality.

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