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DJ Midget

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Dallas, TX

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Receiving his first pair of turntables at the age of 16 in February of '07, DJ Midget knew this was his calling. He started out playing Electro at house parties here and there. After making the switch to Hard-Dance/Hard-Trance, he got booked at his first event, OMGWTF, at Club Afterlife of Dallas, thanks to help of SpunkyDaBunny and Moonstruck Red.

After learning the key elements of DJ-ing, Midget made the switch to the banging sounds of Hardstyle. Midget was rocking Club Afterlife of Dallas and Section 8 events every weekend. It didn't stop there for Midget, he wanted something a leedle beeet harder and faster. (to match his "mad skillz" [LOL]) Midget soon discovered that UK Hardcore is where it's at. After playing a mad set at Kandi Fest in 2010, DJ Moonstruck Red took him under his wings. His words after KandiFest were "DJ Midget was killing it on the decks. Making the move to UK Hardcore, I think, is the best move he's made and Im not saying that just cause I'm Hardcore promoter, but cause I know he gots what it takes to go all the way with it. We just may have the American DJ S3rl in Texas and not even know it yet." Those words inspired Midget to take UK Hardcore to the next level in Dallas. With that being said they formed together the incredible tag-team group known as Da Short Bus Ninjaz. After the Ninjaz got their first gig, on the main stage of Spring Love '10, Midget knew this genre would take him all the way. HTID.

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