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Fumiko Kawamura

Fumiko Kawamura

Fashion Designer

Fumiko Kawamura is the head designer for Chantilly, a rising force in lolita fashion. Fumiko is a graduate of Tokyo Mode University and has been involved with many kinds of fashion design, including stage costumes, and work as a stylist. Fumiko worked and appeared in the notable film Kamikaze Girls ((下妻物語, Shimotsuma Monogatari, "Shimotsuma Story"). She is committed to exploring many genres of fashion.

Fumiko has made a sincere effort to support cultural exchange, working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to spread Japanese pop culture internationally. With Fumiko's experience working with Baby the Stars Shine Bright she is exceptionally well versed in the industry.

Fumiko is a wonderful illustrative artist who takes inspiration from even everyday objects, like curtains and pastries, or from music. Fumiko established Chantilly in 2007, with it's guiding concept being "All girls love cute/kawaii things"
but also that girls admire style that is more mature and "madam-like." Chantilly is a dream come true brand for people who can not be satisfied with simple cuteness, but also want a hint of elegance.

Representing Japanese pop culture, Chantilly has presented fashion shows and attended Japanese themed events and festivals in China, Europe, Russia and the USA. Chantilly is spreading the fashion of "Gothic and Lolita" around the world.

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