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OZ is a five piece Japanese Visual Rock band formed at the end of 2004. Their band lineup is comprised of Natsuki on vocals, Aki and Tama on guitar, Nao on bass, and Zukki on drums. With a visually dark focus, their music sounds much like metal core, heavy metal, and alternative rock combined. In 2005, a year after their formation, their debut single "Decay" was released. Despite not being signed to any label at the time, they were able to distribute them during their live performances through a special mail order. It was a year later when they were signed onto a label called LOOP ASH RECORDS. With more production support, they released two singles "Eve's Apple" and "Adam's Apple" under this label. Several more releases followed soon after, and they were able to hit number 7 on the Indies Oricon charts with the single "BULK". Up to date, they have released four albums, twenty singles, and two DVD's. Their most popular single, "DETOX", was released early in 2009, a very popular music video to this single was also released. With their unique dark look and metal sound, they have been able to grab much attention for their fans outside of Japan. With their popularity in the Visual Rock scene increasing worldwide, they completed a European tour in January of 2011. They appeared at 12 live concerts within one month. Fans beyond Japan and Europe are hoping that this band will perform in their area as well.

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