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BSK is a Speedcore/Breakcore/Chiptune artist named Ugimi Umahara.

He started producing music using video game hardware during the mid 90s, making their foothold take place in the heart of Fukuoka. Kicking it hard using distortion kicks over 512 BPM, encouragingly repeating the complex and mysterious Amen break, or banging out explosively hard Hardcore Techno, he sprinkles two layers of sounds from the gameboy with sad melodies on the chiptune side.

In 2007 he played in four places in Beijing, China, and performed at the biggest chiptune event in the world, "Blip Festival 2007" in New York. In 2008 he went all over continental China in 8 different places, and toured in 14 locations in Europe during 2009. Also this February, his music was added to the Hong Kong performance of the Fukuoka Troupe's "Kuukan Saisei Jigyou GIGA," with a performance in Singapore in March. BSK displays a worldwide activity.

Currently, his music is added to Hardcore Techno and Chiptune compilation projects released in Japan, China, Venezuela, America, France and Germany. He was a part of the split 12" "Jappanoize vol 1." on the French Speedcore label 'DUALKORE' along with the King of Japanese Speedcore m1dy. In 2009, he appeared as a remixer on m1dy's mini-album "NIN-PI-NIN."

He's also had a hand in providing remix tracks for Tokyo-based beat maker HIMURO YOSHITERU's 2008 "abcd EP" and 2010's "Where does sound come from?"

In 2009, he released the split album "MEDDEST SESSIONZ VOL.2" with Digital Grindcore unit Moconorb from the Tokyo Hardcore Techno label MADDEST CKICK'NDOM. In 2008, his first Chiptune album released on Tokyo J-Core label MOB SQUAD TOKYO BLACK LABLE, "Big Shoujo Kisser" was completed in less than half a year's time. In 2010, his first album was repressed along with the release of his second album, "Bleep Shoujo kH'z." This year in March, he has released his third album, "Bloodo Shoujo Killbite."

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