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Mark Dmuchowski (CosmoP Justy) has been a fixture on Florida's anime fandom circuit since the mid-1980s. He started one of the first anime fan clubs in the state in 1987 and has a very unique perspective of anime's evolution and growth since its infancy in the U.S. as a fringe grass roots movement to the mainstream fandom it is today. He has programmed video rooms and presented countless panels at many anime and sci-fi events over the years, including the last three years at METROCON and for over 20 years at Tampa's long-running Necronomicon science fiction convention. He is the host of METROCON's Anime/Animation Guilty Pleasures Panel, one of the longest-running and popular panels at the convention and has on occasion presented it at other cons. He has been a huge fan of AMVs since their inception and regularly presents the newest and best ones he comes across each year. Mark is not only a fan of anime, but also of animation in general, including classic and current television cartoons and feature films. An original organizer of METROCON, Mark has the further distinction of naming the website and thus the name for METROCON itself.

If you want to find out what work it took over the years for you to actually wind up at an anime con, Mark is the one to ask.

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