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The Fool is an Electro-punk three-piece band from Japan that formed in 2009.

They started their career with their first live in Meguro, Tokyo on April 29th, 2009. Their debut maxi-single Hydra came out several months later on September 30th. Soon after they started on the LIVE Tour'09 ~Go with Crazy's Crew~ tour which ended with a tour finale on December 18th, again in Meguro.

In early 2010, The Fool took part on the omnibus album Secret 9BALL with the song GOD BLESS YOU and participated in promotional events for the omnibus release in Shinjuku, Osaka and Nagoya. On April 29th the band celebrated their first anniversary - with a concert in Meguro, where their career started. In May they released their second maxi-single, Go - their first release under the new label Starwave Records.

Once again, The Fool started touring through clubs and live houses with their LIVE tour 2010 ~ a GO GO~. The tour final was named Perfect, born from TOKYO and was held in Meguro on July 2nd.

Beginning at the end of July, the young band played two lives in Europe-in Germany and the Netherlands - together with label mates Luzmelt. Their first attempt to play in Greece failed due to organizational issues. However, the two scheduled shows successfully had a chance to show themselves to European audiences.

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