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Odaiko New England (ONE) began drumming in 1994 and is fast becoming one of the premier taiko groups on the East Coast. By combining Japanese aesthetic sensibility with the bold American spirit, ONE is forging its own modern distinctive style and voice as it challenges the very definition of the art of taiko.

In Japan, the sounds of the taiko are infused into various aspects of daily life. From Shinto and Buddhist rituals, to celebratory festivals, the taiko is said to be the voice and spirit of the Japanese. Its rhythms reflect the sounds of nature, the changing of the seasons, Mother's heartbeat. The sound of the taiko has an irresistible draw that summons people to seek out its source. The voice of the taiko is palpable, its language is universal. It speaks across boundaries of race, class, culture, and religion, and appeals to people of all ages and gender.

Brought together by a common love for taiko, the members and supporters of Odaiko New England reflect the rich cultural diversity of New England. Through performances, workshops, lecture demonstrations, and ongoing taiko classes, and through creating opportunities for communities to drum together, ONE's wish is to proudly share its heritage with as many people as possible in the hopes that it will enrich the lives of those who are touched by the sound of the taiko.

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