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Elizabeth O'Malley

Elizabeth O'Malley

Costumer / Host
AnimeCons TV
Boston, MA

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Elizabeth O'Malley attended her first convention at Otakon in 2004, but did not get seriously into cosplaying until 2007. Since then she has made over fifty costumes, attended over thirty conventions, and won several awards. A member of the Northern Lights (New England) Chapter of the International Costumers Guild since 2008, she became Vice President of the chapter in summer 2010. She is also the Costume Track Director for Arisia, a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Boston, and Assistant Director of the Future Fashion Folio and Single Pattern Contests for Costume Con 29 in New Jersey. Online you can find her by the cosplay name Stardust or Stardust462 and see her costumes at www.stardustcosplay.com.

In addition to cosplaying, Elizabeth is part of the AnimeCons.com and AnimeCons TV staff, joining in January of 2009. She reports on several conventions every year and produces segments from topics to travel, cosplay, and how not to be "that guy." She also is the creator and maintainer of Anime Cheep, a website with information on how to get anime and manga cheap and free, legally.

She first found anime with Sailor Moon on USA many, er, moons ago. She spent most of the late 1990s weaseling her way into people's homes with satellite dishes, as cable in her area didn't have Cartoon Network at the time. Once she got to college, where she taped Toonami daily on her VHS, a friend in her dorm introduced her to Ah My Goddess, Trigun, and Love Hina, and it was all downhill from there. Longer than her love for anime is her love for video games, especially games of the 16-bit era. She also has an equal obsession with sports, mostly the New England Patriots, and cooking.

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