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Disorganization XIII is a group of panelists that is looking to do all the things you were told couldn't be done at an anime con. They kill with their 18+ anime comedy bit, Spoiler: The Panel, they hold discussions on controversial topics like the LGBT community in fandom and copyright ethics. They hold workshops with power tools and tell fanfiction writers it's not OK to suck! They even take over other abandoned panels last second!

However, most importantly, they exist to allow the fan's voice to be heard. They allow any of their fans to propose a panel idea and perform that idea with the rest of the Disorganization XIII members. They add new members each year in an attempt to always have the best and brightest in anime fandom up on stage.

Made by fans, for fans, Disorganization XIII will make you laugh and think at the same time. Who says a scholarly look at fandom can't be combined with a dirty joke or two? Not us!

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