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The Clockwork Dolls began in 2007 with a simple concept: to create music that serves not only as a source for recreation but as a means of narration, a storyteller much like the days of old. The trio's strength rests in their unique combination of skills. Their music combines Allison Curval's knack for the fusing of traditional classical music with the epic sounds of contemporary musical scores and modern electronica with Helene De Fer's passion for poetic lyrics.

The music of The Clockwork Dolls involves an elaborate world that is simultaneously familiar and strange. It is one that is filled with flights of fancy, airships, and the technology of both past and future. With songs like Maiden Voyage telling the tale of a noble woman's dream of freedom and flight to the Ballad of Black Jack Jezebel, a story of a vengeful gambler set in the wild west, The Clockwork Dolls functions not only as a band but as a group of writers and actors telling a story of adventure, bravery, tragedy, and drama all mixed in with the occasional ho down.

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