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Mainly Japanese songs mixed/accompanied with American lyrics. All different genres from Rock, Punk, Ska Punk, Metal, Ballad, and popular (J-pop included). I've had this name since December 1999, where our first concert was for a Japanese Organization at The Ohio State University in Feb. 2000 with accompaniment of OSU-P band (another Betta-J band). Xenogenesis members then were Hitoshi (V.), Tez (G.), Roki (B.), Betta-J (Jeff; Drms.), and special guest Tomoko (Keys/Synth). OSU-P Band members were Kanako (V.), Betta-J (G.), Tomoko (B.), and Yoshiko (Drms.)
New members of Xenogenesis came in October 2000. They were Kanako (V.), Tez (G.), Takaharu (G.), Roki (B.), special guests Tomoko and Yo (both keys/synths), Betta-J (Drms.). Concert was in March of 2002.
Next members of Xenogenesis came in 2003. Kamimura (V.), Tez (G.), Takaharu (G.), Hiroki (B.), Betta-J (Drms.).
Current member of Xenogenesis came in 2006. Mark (V.), Hermann (G.), Chris (G.), Rob (B.), Kenny (Keys/synth), and Betta-J (Drms.)

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