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Yunmao Ayakawa

Cosplay Idol
TenBu Productions
Tokyo, Japan

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Yunmao Ayakawa is an accomplished Cosplay and Race Queen Idol, Actress, Writer, Artist, and Spokes Person for the Nihon Maid Association. She broke into the US market in 2006 when she was a guest at Anime Mid Atlantic and appeared as Toki Takahasu from TenBu Productions’ Manga “Cove Pirate Mercenary”. She has been featured on many Japanese and international TV shows and acts as an ambassador of Maid and Otaku cultures to many countries including the U.S., England, Spain, and Holland. She has also written popular segments for Cosmode Magazine (Japan), MSNBC online (Japan), Mainichi Newspapers, and Otaku USA magazine where she is the first Japanese cosplay idol to write articles specifically for a U.S. publication.

Because of her growing popularity, skills and authority on Otuku and Maid cultures, Yunmao occasionally appears on BBC’s "Japanorama", has been featured on Spain’s "Otaku Reloaded" and Holland’s “Lost In Tokyo”. She has appeared on "Moete Mucho" (TV Tokyo) and other Japanese variety shows. One of her more recent projects has featured her as the star of the Sentai TV Series "CHOSOKU SENSHI G-FIVE" in Japan. Yunmao is a top idol download for Japanese cell phone screen savers, games and even hosts a "Dear Abby" style advice service via cell phones in Japan. She holds a Japanese Teaching License for Art and is constantly commissioned to design costumes and Race Queen Outfits.

One of her most surprising achievements has been the crossover popularity of her healthy eating cookbook for Otaku, "Otameshi Cooking," that was printed in Japan in 2007.

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