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New Hampshire

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Rae Bradbury-Enslin is a self-taught Master-level costumer who has built a large body of work--drawing from historical, mythological, media, and fantasy themes. Some of these costumes are reproductions of specific characters, but most are her own design. Since 1989 she has competed and taken awards at numerous events and conventions, including the elite masquerades at the World Science Fiction convention and CostumeCon.

She has also loaned her talents to a number of haunted attractions for Halloween, most recently at Castle Blood in Pennsylvania, which boasts many skilled costumers and performers from around the country. This attraction has won awards for its spectacular attire, even beating corporate competition like Universal Studios. She has costumed professionally for comic book and electronic games companies, and has begun a new chapter in her work by trying her hand at native Arabian costumes for horse shows.

She lives in NH with her artist husband and their two dogs. Her lifelong ambition is to grow into her nose, a goal she has yet to attain.

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