Long Island Doctor Who 2013 Information

Long Island Doctor Who 2013

Long Island Doctor Who 2013
November 8-10, 2013
Holiday Inn Long Island-Islip Airport
Ronkonkoma, NY

Science Fiction Convention

Your enthusiasm has paid off! Long Island will have its own Doctor Who convention.

The Greater New York area has been a large part of Doctor Who fandom for decades. 2012 saw the production team shoot an episode on location in Manhattan! Long Island is the home of the Gallifreyan Embassy, a fan club established in 1985. They have been active in area fandom since their foundation. For the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who some of the members decided they would bring an event back to Long Island.

L.I. Who is a fan-run and fan-supported convention. If you are a Doctor Who fan in the New York area, this is your chance to have an event to call your own. Our mission is to have an event that celebrates all 50 years of Doctor Who history. We want this event to include as many facets of fandom as possible. We will also provide a chance to be up close and personal with some of the people involved in the show's long history.

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