SNH Comic Bash 2021 Information

SNH Comic Bash 2021

SNH Comic Bash 2021
October 2, 2021 Cancelled
Holiday Inn & Suites Nashua
Nashua, NH

Comic Convention

It's not the easiest news to share, but the sale and, alleged, decision to tear down our show venue has put us in a tough spot. We were recently informed that the Holiday Inn in Nashua will no longer host events as of September 1, 2021. We were also told that the hotel will be demolished and the real estate will be used for something other than a hotel. We're sorry to hear this because it means a lot of good people who work(ed) at the hotel will be looking for jobs. As a comic show venue it was the most affordable location we could find and that allowed us to keep our vendor fees and general admission fees low as well. With other venues asking anywhere from two to four times the amount we were used to paying, we just can't see our little comic show being sustainable, and we're not about to ask our vendors and attendees to absorb the difference. So, it is with heavy heart that we say farewell for now. Thank you fans, guests, vendors, collectors, cos-players, staff, and all the fine folks at the Holiday Inn who supported us. Will we return? Never say never. We'll call it a hiatus for now. Until we meet again.

Previous/Future Events

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