Vanhoover Pony Expo 2022 Information

Vanhoover Pony Expo 2022

Vanhoover Pony Expo 2022
January 7-9, 2022 Went Online-Only
Executive Hotel Vancouver Airport
Richmond, BC, Canada

TV Convention with Toy programming

With rising and record-high COVID19 case counts in the Vanhoover area thanks to Omicron, including in vaccinated and antibody-carrying individuals, we have made the difficult decision to change from an in-person event to a virtual event.

The safety of our attendees always comes first and while things looked good during the summer with lifting restrictions and easing case counts, we cannot in good conscience run an in-person event with what is presently happening.

Our costs are much higher than we'd like this year since we had planned to welcome so many paid registration attendees. Going virtual means we lose nearly all of that financial support.

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