The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise 2021 Information

The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise 2021

The Sci-Fi Sea Cruise 2021
January 29 - February 9, 2021 Cancelled
MSC Divina
Departing from Miami, FL

Science Fiction Convention

This will be our incredible TWENTY THIRD voyage since we began doing them way back in 1988. And to help keep things feeling fresh & different, we're sailing to some great new Deep Southern Caribbean and South & Central American destinations that our group has never visited before, plus some we have rarely been to and found well worth another visit. One thing that never changes over the years is the amazing degree of close, personal interaction between the celebs and the fans together as we see the sights, take the tours, enjoy the activities, craft the creative workshops, share the stimulating dinner conversations, and hop the bars, both shipboard and ashore, in a way that's only possible in a limited size private group sharing an extended vacation together on a full sized modern cruise ship.

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