Game On Expo 2021 Information

Game On Expo 2021

Game On Expo 2021
August 6-8, 2021 Cancelled
Phoenix Convention Center
Phoenix, AZ

Video Gaming Convention with Gaming programming

Game On Expo 2021 dates have moved, and Game On Expo will be held August 5th to 7th, 2022 at the Phoenix Convention Center. These new dates will allow us to plan for the best show possible for our attendees, vendors, guests, and staff. We really wanted to run Game On Expo in 2021, and have waited for the vaccine rollout to make the decision, but the current status with COVID, and the uncertainty of the Phoenix Convention Center's requirements and restrictions made the decision for us. Our absolute goal is to run a fun family friendly safe event, and we felt that trying to run an event this year simply wouldn't have been the same experience that our attendees, vendors, and everyone involved would have expected. We took a safer date that allows us to plan for the best show possible without restrictions, and that is both fun and safe. We also want all our attendees, guests, tournament providers and vendors and exhibitors to be comfortable and feel safe supporting and attending Game On Expo.

Previous/Future Events

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